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GLAMOROUS! But only for the weekend.

This weekend we camped at Ike Kinswa State Park. We used our camper so it cost us $25.00 a night plus the $8.00 online registration fee.

The campsite pad was cleaned when we got there and had the perfect amount of privacy between campsites. There were other campers there all throughout the campsites which made it very welcoming but still quiet. There was a short trail around the lake that went out to a penninsula where we let the dogs run loose for a little while to get their energy out and enjoyed the best views of the lake.

The campground staff was very friendly and drove rounds around the site making sure everyone had firewood if needed. We had rain and sun and still enjoyed everybit of the campground. Since we are used to Washington weather we brought a 10x10 canopy to eat at our table when it drizzle a little. Note- make sure you bring something to cover the seats of the campground table, it was pretty damp.

Fishing is open year round on the lake making this the perfect site for a family/outdoorsy people. I think this is perfect for the weekend but any longer and you might find your self a little bored unless you venture out towards Mt. St. Helens or the surrounding area.

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