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If you use social media, chances are you have seen these types of tea floating showing pictures of skinny gals and fit gals. I decided I was going to give it a try and started researching which ones to use or would work best. I didn't really believe in detoxing for weightless to begin with being a firm believer in eating cleanly and working out are always the best options but this peaked my curiosity.

First off, I think drinking tea can be really beneficial for your health. Especially the true organic loose leaf tea that you can pick out for certain ailments or flavors however, I don't agree with using laxatives as a form of weight loss. The Bedtime cleanse tea definitely had those in it even though I read this particular brand did not contain ingredients that would make you go. The instructions said to drink this tea carefully and not let the bag steep too long when first consuming. In my experience I spent a lot of time in the bathroom the next few days even when not brewing the tea very long. The morning tea tasted great and was enjoyable.

Heres the real scoop, the instructions where translated terribly into english and talked about not drinking caffeine, alcohol, or anything really other than the tea and water along with a really cleaned up diet you are supposed to follow while drinking the tea for four weeks. Unless you count the carbs they suggest you eat at every meal and an oatmeal cookie they don't include the recipe for. Wait, this is an all carb diet that you eat while you poop your guts out? I didn't understand it one bit but gave it a go and lost water weight in the end which was enough to show a little off the stomach (3lbs) but as soon as I stopped drinking the tea it came back.

Conclusion- save your money. Eat cleanly ( I suggest following the Whole30 diet and reading their book) and up your activity level to look for slower results but longer term effects instead of wanting a fast solution like drinking poop tea.

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