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I'm constantly looking for things to eat that don't contain sugar, soy, wheat, and other fillers. This is really tough to find in anything processed let alone a bar. And being a new mom I need something I can just shove in my face especially in the morning. RX Bars are my new love and are Whole30 approved if you follow that diet.

Susan Moore at Better Gym (If you don't know who this is read my blog about the best Gym in Washington) recommended these because I couldn't find anything that didn't contain some sort whey protein etc. She said RX Bars or Primal Kitchen bars would be a better wholesome choice that would still supply protein and something to eat quickly.

The RX Bar tastes awesome and I enjoy it with my coffee in the morning. It's got a semi chewy consistency but a crunch from the cashews and I savor every bite. My favorite flavors are Coconut Chocolate, Blueberry, and the Maple sea salt that isn't pictured above. The above photo is the last pack I ordered from Amazon for a reasonable price.

Keep in mind that these are more expensive than your chewy bar from Costco but if you were to buy the actual ingredients and prepare them as a meal instead of a bar it would be the same nutritional value and therefore I find the price worth it for something I can eat quickly but still has wholesome ingredients. If you would like to try a single I have found them at Safeway in the protein bar section close to the supplements.

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