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Scoopers in Long Beach, WA

Spring break is coming up and in Washington that usually means a majority of people head to the coast. If you happen to go through Long Beach, perhaps on your way to Cape disappointment I mentioned in another blog ;-) you can certainly try out Scoopers.

Yum. I don't often eat ice cream especially with being lactose intolerant but this was worth it. We were visiting our beach cabin we rent from time to time and I was about a month postpartum when I decided in town I needed to try the ice cream before I started trying to shred the baby pounds.

We went to Scoopers and I almost canceled since the line was so long. I didn't think it was worth it but my sister in law talked me into it and said she watched the line and it was actually moving fast. She was right, what I thought would take an hour actually was about 15 minutes total and that was with about 30 people in line ahead. The ice cream was one of the best, it tasted fresh and super creamy.

The store was remodeled in the last year to be much larger and gets a bad reputation for the long line but it honestly wasn't that bad. The store contains fudge, chocolate treats, and all sorts of candy. My brother tried the fudge, but my vote is for the waffle cone and fresh ice cream.

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